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Gift Power Machines
February 7, 2014, 12:22 am
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Did you know that although something that goes on FOREVER, without an energy source is impossible, a machine that has an energy source yet goes forever is possible. Many machines can do it. The first gift power machine was seen by James Ferguson in 1774. He thought that it was the cleverest thing he had ever seen. The Clock was stolen but Ferguson made many drawings so it can reproduced.

The clock’s power comes from 150kg of mercury in two vessels which power the clock through an ingenious system of gears and pulleys.

Now there are many gift power machines. One typical one is the Perpetual Watch which isn’t really perpetual but is another gift power machine. The amazing thing works on the movement of your body. The point of the watch is that because it is gift power, you never have to wind it! As you can see gift power is extremely useful in many different ways.


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Cool! Where can i read more about this clock? Google is failing me.

Comment by James F Monroe

You can find in a book called Physics for Entertainment, it’s in Chapter 5.

Comment by dontbuyit

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