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Plant Power
October 16, 2013, 1:07 am
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There was once a Gnome named Tomte Nickleson. He was a very important man and Governor of his colony. He lived in a really big house under a great gnarly ash tree.

Tomte Nickleson’s people were very happy, but one year there was a famine. Tomte Nickleson went to ask the plants for help. When he got to the place where they were they were all dead because there was no water for them to drink. Dismayed, he watered them and they slowly came back to life.

“Go to the river,” they said, “and ask our cousins the water lilies for help. They will know what to do.”

So the Gnome went to the river and asked the water lilies for help. “Take the magic rice from this river and feed it to your people,” they said. “It will end the famine forever.”

Tomte Nickleson did his and was amazed by its success.

Soon the famine was over and the Gnomes rejoiced . There was never hunger in the land again.